Thursday, May 1, 2014

Monthly Favorites: April

Seriously can't believe that yet another month has flown by. Crazy.

Anyway, for this months favorites I don't have too much... They are mainly just random items that I have seemed to grow a liking too and I thought I might share them with all of you.


Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky: In all honesty I wasn't even sure if this book would make to be in a favorites post but when I was gathering everything to take photos I just said 'what the hell' and threw it in. After seeing the movie (looks like I did it backwards usually people read the book first) I wanted to get my hands on the book but I wanted to make sure I got the original cover instead of the motion picture cover. I finally went to a physical store and purchased this for $15 which is kind of expensive considering how small the book is, both physically and in thickness, as well as it being a paperback. I justified buying it though mainly because the money went to a bookstore which I feel are going extinct. Anyway, onto my actual thoughts on the book; it wasn't fantastic but at the end of the book I was like "hmm... That was rather good".

For the most part it's mainly personal preference when it comes to a book but I wanted to quickly mention that the movie is a lot cleaner than the novel. To my surprise they use a lot of drugs (same as in the movie but Charlie did a lot on his own) as well as sexual content. There isn't a whole ton of sexual stuff in there but there was a lot more in the book than there was in the movie. 

But all in all, I did enjoy it and if I went back to that day in Barnes and Noble and got the chance to   re-purchase it, I would. 

Kitty Ears from Claire's: Ok... This is a super random favorite and your probably wondering what the heck I am thinking. I got these ears half off at Claire's last year because I was a cat for Halloween (original, I know). They are actually really dang cute and it's a pity it's socially unacceptable to wear cat ears out in public. One day while I was cleaning my room I randomly put them on and they seemed to have found a place on my vanity countertop. Since then, I use them daily to push back my baby hairs when I apply my makeup in the morning. (I may or may not leave them on for a little while longer even after my makeup is on). 

Amethyst Bracelet: This was a late Easter gift from a lady who owns the boutique next door to where I work. I had never received an Easter gift before but honestly I fell in love with this! The color is sooooo gorgeous and it just makes me happy looking at it! Need I say more?

Smith Sunnies: Someone had left these at my dad's store about two years ago and never came back to claim them. My dad never used them so one day as I was heading out the door I happened to grab them. I have another pair of sunnies but they were rather expensive so I don't like bringing them to the beach or squishing them in my small purses.  

I ended up liking these a lot more than I thought I would and I kind of forgot about them until this month when I went to a beach party with some friends. First off I love how slim these are! They don't fit in my HOBO bag sadly but still. Second, I love the material of these. It's plastic but... Bendy? It's not bendable but it doesn't feel like hard plastic. It's very difficult to explain but hopefully that gives you an idea of what I am getting at. Because of that feeling, I don't mind throwing them around because I know the frames won't get scratched (the lens are a bit scratched but not anything too bad). Lastly I love how dark the lens are. 

Clearasil Scrub: I try a lot of scrubs. A lot. Every time I finish a tube I go out and buy a different one from a different line or brand because I heard somewhere that your skin can get immune to whatever scrub you use. I bought this sometime last month just so I could be ready when my Simple scrub ran out, but my friend had purchased the wash version of this and told me that it broke her out really badly. 

This made me so nervous because I have incredibly sensitive skin however I am so happy to announce that this didn't break me out! The opposite, in fact! My skin has never looked better! Ok. To be honest my skin isn't all that horrible to begin with but I have these year round gross bumps on my nose and skin and since using this they have loosened up and gone away! And my skin in general just looks so good (not to toot my own horn or anything). 

The cream part of this scrub is literally like a heavy duty moisturizing cream. It's almost like it's not even soap. It just feels so good on your skin (especially because I have dry skin) and afterwards my face feels so nice, fresh, clean, and moisturized. The beads are also really nice... They aren't too wimpy (like the Clean and Clear ones) but they aren't super rough (St. Ives). There is also a nice amount spread throughout. 

The scent isn't awful but it's not the best... It just smells like a moisturizer. 

Overall I love this product and it will definitely go on my re-purchase list!

Haagan-Dazs Rocky Road Ice Cream: Ok I'm literally such a loser for adding this in but I am obsessed with this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yes that many exclamation points were necessary). CAN WE PLEASE DISCUSS THE MARSHMALLOW IN THIS?! It isn't like a regular marshmallow it's melted or something and it's seriously one of the greatest feelings in the world when your casually eating the ice cream and hit a marshmallow spot! And it all just oozes out and your sitting there squealing with joy because it tastes amazing and... *le sigh*. I've bought over 4 of these this month (and yes the banana is there to let y'all know I do eat stuff other than ice cream). 

Music Favorites

1. Surfboard by Cody Simpson 

I am not by any means a Cody Simpson fan. I rarely even listen to that genre but my friend sent me the music video and the tune ended up getting stuck in my head. I found myself searching it up on Spotify over and over again until it finally made it on my guilty pleasure playlist. It's a really catchy tune and if your looking for something easy definitely give it a try! 

2. Little Lion Man by Tonight Alive (Cover)

If you haven't listened to any of the "Pop goes Punk" albums they are seriously awesome. This cover by Tonight Alive is my favorite though and although it's kind of intense the chorus is amaaaazinggggggggg. If your curious the original is by Mumford and Sons. 

3. The Mighty Fall by Fall Out Boy ft. Big Sean

Not much to say about this song other than it's really fun to jam out to in the morning when I get ready. Big Sean (or should I say Little Sean he's so skinnyyyyy and tiny) has a very distinct voice and way he says "oh god" in the beginning and I've managed to mimic it pretty well resulting in it being sort of a little joke between my friends and I. My friends will text me "oh god" in response to something and then write " *big sean voice*. It's actually pretty funny for some dumb reason? 

That's it for this month! Sorry for lack of clothing items and beauty items but I'm in the process of trying some and I don't really know how I feel about any of them yet! 

If you have a favorites post up on your blog or want to let me know what your favorites are, definitely tell me in the comments! I would love to know! 


  1. I like your sunglasses and the ice cream seems to be really delicious :D

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    Trang ♥

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