Monday, March 31, 2014

Outfit | A World Alone

Sweater: Hollister | Bandeau: JW | Shorts: Bali | Boots: Gifted | Bag: HOBO | Sunnies: Vogue 

First off, ignore the title. I overdosed a bit on Lorde's album Pure Heroine on the way home. I decided to keep it though simply because I thought it described my day pretty well. 

Today started off well, I went to the bakery across the street and treated myself to a banana nut smoothie. It was incredibly stormy this morning so I put on this sweater and some pants but it cleared up considerably by 11:00. 

Thanks to busy friends, it looked like I would be spending the day alone. I finally decided to go see the 5:10 showing of Divergent just so I didn't spend the rest of the day/evening at home even though I had already seen it. I thought it would be awkward sitting by myself but actually in all honesty it wasn't that bad. It was nice not having someone whisper to you every ten minutes. If you guys haven't seen that movie isn't amazing! Four (the dude) is so incredibly hot I was crying the entire time (not really but still you catch my drift). Tris is the luckiest girl in the world. 

*Le sigh*

After throwing on my boots, I made sure I had my sunnies on just in case I saw someone I knew... I didn't want them asking questions as to why I was at the theatre on a Sunday night alone. fml.

Anyway, that was my Sunday. How was yours?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Everyday Makeup Routine

Benefit High Beam, They're Real Mascara, Hoola Bronzer | Maybelline The Rocket Mascara, Color Whisper in Orange Attitude | EcoTools Powder (?) Brush

Hi everyone! I thought I might switch it up today and do a quick beauty post concerning what I use when I get ready in the morning. 

First off... Let me explain about that really ugly concealer canister. I received that as a gift and it was a mineral concealer trio (not sure where it's from)... I had used most of it up so I knew I had to get more concealer. During the time I was on a neighboring island and I went into Sephora and ended up getting the Sephora Liquid Concealer (I don't think they sell it anymore??) and the nozzles on the concealers are really crappy and break off so you can't close it... So basically I just squeeze the product into the little concealer compartments and then I refill as needed. The poor container has been through hell... Literally. It's been thrown around, and even beaten with a hammer (I twisted it wrong and then the cap got stuck). However it's been with me for about three years now so props this little fella. The different shades really help me out actually because my skin color changes all the time depending on how much sun I get. 

This is the concealer I usually use but because I had forgotten it in my friends back last month I had rediscovered my Sonia Kashuk one (February Favorites) but for some reason for the past two weeks I have been reaching for this one instead of my Sonia one... Weird. 

Anyway, I usually start off with a freshly washed face and then I apply a bit of Cetaphil moisturizer. Afterwards I apply the concealer under my eyes, on the sides of my mouth (I have ugly veins there for some reason ew), on yet another vein by my eyebrow, and then on any blemishes I have. I then blend it out with my beauty blender except for the concealer under my eyes which I blend in with my ring finger. 

Afterwards I put on a bit of bronzer and then highlighter on my cheek bones and whatever is left on my fingers lightly goes on the bridge of my nose. 

For mascara I usually use They're Real by Benefit but it's drying up and semi finished but I love the way it separates my lashes so I still use it. Lately after I've applied that, I apply a mascara from Maybelline and I was never really that fond of layering mascaras but I have been doing it for about two weeks now and seriously the effect is amazing! 

Today I used this lovely orange color just for a little pop of color... I usually don't sport any lip color unless I actually have plans or I simply feel like putting something on. Maybe I'll do a post of my top favorite lip colors? Thoughts on this?

Definitely drop me a comment letting me know if you use any of these products and what steps or products you include in your own daily makeup routine! I am definitely interested to see what different products you all use.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Outfit | My Love/Hate Relationship With the Most Basic Brand Out There

Shorts & Knit: Hollister | Bag: HOBO International | Shoes: Converse All Stars Ring: Forever21 | Nails: OPI Designer De Better

Happy Sunday everyone! It's officially been a week since my last post and I apologize for that! This week seemed to fly by... Or is it just me?

 Today I was planning on going to the pool after church so I wore something really simple that I could easily slip out of so when I come home I can easily change. For some reason I can't seem to tell whether or not I like Hollister. It's the most basic teen white girl brand out there and I absolutely cat stand their big bird logo (which I noticed they don't put it on everything anymore... Instead they usually just have a little metal plaque with their name engraved on it or their simply isn't anything like the sweater I wore today), but I can't deny that  I love the quality of their denim (so soft) and I like the way their shorts fit me so it's nice when I shop online. For some reason with brands like Forever21, even if I think I'm getting the right size, the sizing actually varies. 

Besides their shorts and jeans, I never really purchased anything from them but I've recently acquired three sweaters from this brand and I am in love. They are so incredibly soft and I love the way they feel. Their sweaters are a little more on the expensive side but I would advice to you that the Sale is your best friend! I got two sweaters that were originally $60 for $7 and $14! Total bargain! This one wasn't on sale but it wasn't that much... 

And their sizing is pretty lenient for my body type... I can get a large in a sweater (which I did) and it still fits me perfectly besides the sleeves being a wee bit too long (but hey! Who doesn't love sweater paws?), so that's another plus when I shop online... If they don't have my desired size, I can easily size up. 

One thing I will mention that I immensely dislike is their physical store! Whenever I go to one I always have the worst experience... They're workers are so slow, the line to pay is a bottle neck, their dressing room system is messed up, it's dark, crowded and hot. I highly suggest shopping online! There is ALWAYS a sale or promotion and things are a lot cheaper! 

What are your thoughts on Hollister? Do you like it? Or hate it? 

Like I said I went to the pool today! Would any of you be interested in seeing a 'what's in my pool/beach bag' type of post?? Please let me know in a comment! 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Outfit | Daisies & Denim

Top: JW (ghetto local place) | Skirt: Forever21 | Denim: Pull & Bear | Boots: Gifted | Bag: HOBO International

My denim pullover and my boots make yet another appearance on my blog. Weird seeing as how last month and January I rarely ever used these two items and now that it's March they always seem to be the two things I gravitate towards. 

Anyway, weather today was kind of funky. Kind of cloudy but cold, and in the afternoon it was sunny but the wind had a bit of a bite to it, and in the evening it was very cold. 

After church I took my friends to an ice cream shop in the next town over and treated them to delicious (but way overpriced) waffle cones. 

Before I go on to share some of the photos that were taken, I wanted to quickly mention how excited I am! I officially have decided how my photos are going to be taken/my setup (more specifically; location and posing... I literally can't pose for my life but I finally have decided on what I am going to go) and I am just adding little details here and there to the theme of my blog... Everything is just coming together and no words can describe how excited I am! Thank you to everyone who has been giving me lovely feedback. 

Bracelets: American Eagle, DIY, Macy's 

Look at how pretty her hair is wow 

Nails: Zoya Zuza 

How was your Sunday?

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Outfit | Saturday Coffee Dates

Muscle Tee: Ross | Bandeau: Pacsun | Shorts: Hollister | Bag: Brandy Melville | Sandals: Forever21

Oddly enough, after these photos were taken the weather took a turn for the worst and the entire day ended up being cloudy and cold. I didn't change though, I simply grabbed a black cardi and threw it on.

My friend Val and I decided to go down to Hanalei shopping center and have a quick coffee (well... technically we both had chai tea) date which then turned into window shopping at all of the surf shops that surround the coffee place we went to. Even though today was really cold Val and I ended up browsing for bikini's. I think I might have found one... It's a one piece however and kind of ridiculously priced but... Yea. I think I might go back.

I also wanted to quickly mention that if you click my photo over on my "Get to know me" thing which is off to the side,  it will redirect you to a page where I tell you more about the blog and I go more in depth about my "journey" and stuff. So... feel free to check it out!

Did you do anything fun today?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Outfit | Sunshine Madness

Cropped Tee: Topshop | Denim: Pull & Bear | Shorts: Forever21 | Bag: HOBO International | Necklace: My Great-Grandmother's

I literally was preparing myself for rain thanks to Sunday but on Monday the sun came out and it's been nothing but sweltering heat since then. Weather on Kauai is frikin bi-polar. 

This is a lot... More skin than I usually show thanks to my short shorts and crop top (ignore my ugly stomach pooch) but I tried to level things out with my denim button-up. Hopefully that gave it some modesty. But seriously I haven't felt heat like this in a long time, I'm almost positive if I wore anything other than a cropped something rather I might actually overheat. 

I also want to apologize for the exposure in some of the photos, my camera picked up on the sunlight a wee bit too much and I couldn't seem to edit the photo to get it normal looking. 

What's the weather like where you live??


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Polyvore Fun | More Inspiration for Springtime

After a long day on the tennis courts, I decided to turn on Spotify and play around on Polyvore. I ended up making a couple sets using some ideas I had for Spring and I thought I would share. 

I was thinking about it and came to the conclusion that this upcoming season I might venture into printed shorts. If your like me (undercover goth) at least your attempting to jump out of your normal comfort zone. And to add another sorry attempt of color, I threw in a denim jacket. I think it keeps this outfit casual and a nice bit of texture since both the shorts and the tank seem to be a sort of chiffon looking material. 

I have two moods when I go out; I'm actually trying or I don't even care at all. There is no in-between. This one is definitely in the "I don't even care" category, but I think the clean looking flats keep it from looking to casual. At least it's an attempt. I love this look because it's so casual and effortless. (P.S. no I don't have the Rockie nor anything similar BUT LOOK AT IT IT'S SO PRETTY I HAD TO INCLUDE IT). I can definitely see myself wearing something like this next time I have a casual lunch date with my favorite person in the world (my bestie, Keani). 

This is definitely leaning on the boho side of things. I centered this around these awesome boots from H&M. Instead of including a black pair I thought why not try something in the tan family? It's a small step away from black boots and I feel like there is a little... Breath of fresh air concerning this outfit, especially with the light apricot cardigan so I thought it would be great for the upcoming season. I think making the simple switch from monochrome shades to neutrals is a nice way to hop into the spring of things. 

This is my makeup inspiration! For some reason I'm thinking lots of highlight, neutral/peachy blush, and nicely contoured cheeks. For lips I am feeling either bright shades or neutrals... Been loving my little natural Rouge colored mini from Makeup Forever! It really is a lovely shade!  

Hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully grabbed a few things of it to add to your own spring fashion adventures! Let me know what your thoughts are on any of the things I mentioned above. 


Saturday, March 8, 2014

March Wishlist

Kimono | High Waisted Shorts | Boots/Espadrilles | Essie Nailpolish | Fit Me Concealer | Real Techniques

I've been finding myself actually enjoying reading peoples' monthly wish list posts for some odd reason so I've deciding to hop onto the bandwagon and make one myself. I don't think I'm going to write one up every month, but I'll make one whenever I feel myself making a bit of a shopping list... Not a "immediate" list though... More of a... "Remember to keep your eyes open for this" type of wish list. 


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fashion Week Highlights | Elie Saab Spring 2014

Super late little addition to fashion week but I always look forward to seeing Elie's collections. They are always beautiful. This collection personally wasn't my favorite, but this was beautiful nonetheless! 

He seriously makes the prettiest dresses!


**Disclaimer: All photos are from**