Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Polyvore Fun | More Inspiration for Springtime

After a long day on the tennis courts, I decided to turn on Spotify and play around on Polyvore. I ended up making a couple sets using some ideas I had for Spring and I thought I would share. 

I was thinking about it and came to the conclusion that this upcoming season I might venture into printed shorts. If your like me (undercover goth) at least your attempting to jump out of your normal comfort zone. And to add another sorry attempt of color, I threw in a denim jacket. I think it keeps this outfit casual and a nice bit of texture since both the shorts and the tank seem to be a sort of chiffon looking material. 

I have two moods when I go out; I'm actually trying or I don't even care at all. There is no in-between. This one is definitely in the "I don't even care" category, but I think the clean looking flats keep it from looking to casual. At least it's an attempt. I love this look because it's so casual and effortless. (P.S. no I don't have the Rockie nor anything similar BUT LOOK AT IT IT'S SO PRETTY I HAD TO INCLUDE IT). I can definitely see myself wearing something like this next time I have a casual lunch date with my favorite person in the world (my bestie, Keani). 

This is definitely leaning on the boho side of things. I centered this around these awesome boots from H&M. Instead of including a black pair I thought why not try something in the tan family? It's a small step away from black boots and I feel like there is a little... Breath of fresh air concerning this outfit, especially with the light apricot cardigan so I thought it would be great for the upcoming season. I think making the simple switch from monochrome shades to neutrals is a nice way to hop into the spring of things. 

This is my makeup inspiration! For some reason I'm thinking lots of highlight, neutral/peachy blush, and nicely contoured cheeks. For lips I am feeling either bright shades or neutrals... Been loving my little natural Rouge colored mini from Makeup Forever! It really is a lovely shade!  

Hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully grabbed a few things of it to add to your own spring fashion adventures! Let me know what your thoughts are on any of the things I mentioned above. 



  1. your comment on my blog is so sweet, I love the first outfit here and I just brought the Benefit Watt's Up, it's dreamy.. I am still pretty gutted that a 10% sale in Debenhams enticed me, I think I saved about £2.50 ha.. love your blog darl xxx


    1. My friend received a pretty nice sized sample of Watts Up after she signed up for the Sephora Club Card or whatever and I tried it and it's amazing!! I might just have to get one for myself hhahah.

      Thank you so much for following you have no idea how much that means; I love your blog!

  2. Kelly those are all so perfect! I really really really want the shorts in the second set!


  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE this inspo for spring and summer!! what a great blog you have here =D


  4. love all of those looks, especially all of your shoe choices <3
    Natalie Lines Blog

  5. wow, this are really great outfits :-)

  6. I love the first set especially- it looks like something i'd wear to a festival.and those sandals are perfect!!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  7. I adore the first look, the whole thing is so perfect !!


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