Monday, March 17, 2014

Outfit | Daisies & Denim

Top: JW (ghetto local place) | Skirt: Forever21 | Denim: Pull & Bear | Boots: Gifted | Bag: HOBO International

My denim pullover and my boots make yet another appearance on my blog. Weird seeing as how last month and January I rarely ever used these two items and now that it's March they always seem to be the two things I gravitate towards. 

Anyway, weather today was kind of funky. Kind of cloudy but cold, and in the afternoon it was sunny but the wind had a bit of a bite to it, and in the evening it was very cold. 

After church I took my friends to an ice cream shop in the next town over and treated them to delicious (but way overpriced) waffle cones. 

Before I go on to share some of the photos that were taken, I wanted to quickly mention how excited I am! I officially have decided how my photos are going to be taken/my setup (more specifically; location and posing... I literally can't pose for my life but I finally have decided on what I am going to go) and I am just adding little details here and there to the theme of my blog... Everything is just coming together and no words can describe how excited I am! Thank you to everyone who has been giving me lovely feedback. 

Bracelets: American Eagle, DIY, Macy's 

Look at how pretty her hair is wow 

Nails: Zoya Zuza 

How was your Sunday?


  1. super cute :)

    Have a nice day,

    P.S. As GFC isn't working anymore, we can follow on Bloglovin and other social media. Let me know :)

  2. oh, so cute :* you look pretty , doll !

    kisses Violet

  3. Such a cute daisy print. It looks awesome on you.

  4. Yum! I could definitely go for some ice cream right now. Or some sunny weather for that matter..
    You look darling in that dress and your hair is beautiful!


  5. The skirt looks super adorable on you <3
    New Post: Navy
    xoxo, Claire from Vancouver, Canada

  6. You're adorable! And this ice cream looks delicious :)

  7. lovely look!
    Please check out our blog at
    PS- You can post your blog posts straight to our website to get featured! xx

  8. Aww I miss Hawaii...this outfit is so cute!

    x. jill
    beck daily

  9. That skirt is so pretty! Love the print :)

  10. you look absolutely adorable:) love the skirt, so cute!
    and this ice cream though.... jealous haha:P
    lots of love xx

  11. Loving the outfit!
    So jealous that it's proper ice cream eating weather where you are!

  12. The skirt is very nice !

    What do your rhink about followinge each other ?
    Let me know <3

  13. cute outfit!

  14. Cute outfit :) you look lovely. I WANT SOME ICE CREAM

    Ruth xx

  15. Gorgeous spring outfit!! I love the floral skirt and an unbuttoned chambray worn that way is one of my all-time favourite looks.

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  16. loving your daisy skirt -- it's the cutest!! that ice cream looks so delicious.



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