Monday, March 24, 2014

Outfit | My Love/Hate Relationship With the Most Basic Brand Out There

Shorts & Knit: Hollister | Bag: HOBO International | Shoes: Converse All Stars Ring: Forever21 | Nails: OPI Designer De Better

Happy Sunday everyone! It's officially been a week since my last post and I apologize for that! This week seemed to fly by... Or is it just me?

 Today I was planning on going to the pool after church so I wore something really simple that I could easily slip out of so when I come home I can easily change. For some reason I can't seem to tell whether or not I like Hollister. It's the most basic teen white girl brand out there and I absolutely cat stand their big bird logo (which I noticed they don't put it on everything anymore... Instead they usually just have a little metal plaque with their name engraved on it or their simply isn't anything like the sweater I wore today), but I can't deny that  I love the quality of their denim (so soft) and I like the way their shorts fit me so it's nice when I shop online. For some reason with brands like Forever21, even if I think I'm getting the right size, the sizing actually varies. 

Besides their shorts and jeans, I never really purchased anything from them but I've recently acquired three sweaters from this brand and I am in love. They are so incredibly soft and I love the way they feel. Their sweaters are a little more on the expensive side but I would advice to you that the Sale is your best friend! I got two sweaters that were originally $60 for $7 and $14! Total bargain! This one wasn't on sale but it wasn't that much... 

And their sizing is pretty lenient for my body type... I can get a large in a sweater (which I did) and it still fits me perfectly besides the sleeves being a wee bit too long (but hey! Who doesn't love sweater paws?), so that's another plus when I shop online... If they don't have my desired size, I can easily size up. 

One thing I will mention that I immensely dislike is their physical store! Whenever I go to one I always have the worst experience... They're workers are so slow, the line to pay is a bottle neck, their dressing room system is messed up, it's dark, crowded and hot. I highly suggest shopping online! There is ALWAYS a sale or promotion and things are a lot cheaper! 

What are your thoughts on Hollister? Do you like it? Or hate it? 

Like I said I went to the pool today! Would any of you be interested in seeing a 'what's in my pool/beach bag' type of post?? Please let me know in a comment! 


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  2. Love the caption in this post! I do love this look though <3

  3. I love this bag! I feel like I could wear it with anything!

    xo Alexandra

    1. It really is amazing! It's a wee bit small so I can't fit my weird random items like dental floss (the only time I floss seems to be when I'm on the go and bored) and a mini bottle of nail topcoat, but it fits all my essentials and random items that I need to store for the day! I also am so lazy to change out purses and it really does go with (((almost)))) everything!! And the leather is amazing! It's the Darcy bag if your interested (: xx

  4. That sweater looks sooooo comfy <333
    Brooke//Silver Linngs

  5. love this simple yet chic outfit :) and I've never personally shopped at Hollister, it puts me off a bit knowing how their owner/founder acts towards their old clothes, I believe it's the same owner of Abercrombie & Fitch and it's just off putting but their clothes do look amazing I'd give them that :)

  6. you look amazing <3
    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know :)


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