Monday, November 11, 2013

Hey Monday

Feeling groggy and tired today thanks to the horrible sleep I got last night. My allergies are acting up as well and for some reason my voice is super deep making me sound like a male teenager going through puberty. Ew. Perfect way to start off the week. Thank God there isn't any school though, otherwise my day would have just gotten 100% worse.

Since today is pretty chill, and the weather finally cleared up (major storm the past three days) I can finally wear some shorts again. 

Shirt: Brandy Melville | Cardigan: Pull & Bear Shorts: Forever21 | Purse: Brandy Melville | Rings: Pacsun | Nails: Bettina Indigo + Essie Shine of the Times

Ignore eclectic room... Nothing much on my agenda except for stopping by the grocery store to go and buy some food, and then I have a tennis lesson later in the afternoon.

What about you?



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  2. really cute outfit,love your bag

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  4. lovely outfit :)

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  6. So nice!
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  7. I love your outfit!
    I´m feeling like you said right allergy is getting
    worst in winter so i´m sneezing all the time:(

    I like your blog so i´m following you on GFC :)
    Hope see you soon in my blog and maybe we can follow each other!!!

  8. Thank you for following! I follow back now :)


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