Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fall Trends: Tartan!

Tartan prints is a HUGE trend right now. I wasn't exactly head over heels for it, at least not until I saw Danielle Bernstein from WeWoreWhat sport a tartan pantsuit. I'm still not crazy about it but I really love seeing how people style it, especially Danielle! She always looks great.

Although I probably wouldn't wear it myself, I made a few sets just as inspiration if I did happen to pick up a piece. 

I'm not really sure if the first skirt is considered tartan, but I have been seeing it around and really wanted to use it in a set.

As for the second outfit, I think a printed scarf is the perfect way to ease into the trend without spending too much money. I know it looks a bit funky but I thought the red was a really nice contrast against  the denim button up that was thrown over a white tee. I think the leather leggings just give it kind of an edgy look which I really appreciate. 

For the last one... I think it was Danielle Peazer who I saw rock a plaid like shapeless dress for some award. I thought it looked really cute and comfy so when I found this one from Boohoo, I knew I wanted to use it. 

What are your thoughts about this trend? How would you style it?



  1. love theorange skirt! :*


  2. I lovee that dress from boohoo! I've been having my eye on that for like forever so I haaave to buy it! :)


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