Tuesday, November 5, 2013


There are a lot of items on my current wish list, however the ones I am most lemming happen to be the most basic pieces of clothing. 

The set above showcases the basic staples that my closet is in dire need of. 

I have plenty of white shirts but for some reason I find myself searching for a loose, but slightly cropped, plain white tee. Paramore performed at the 2013 Radio 1 Big Weekend, and their front woman Hayley Williams (whom I admire very much) rocked this tee shirt, pairing it was some nice fitted, high waisted two toned shorts. One half being a plaid/tartan-esque print and the other half being studs upon leather. I don't know why I liked her top so much... But since then I have been on the lookout for something similar. 

I feel like the only person who doesn't have a pair of denim high waisted shorts. I love the pairs TopShop has to offer but whenever I am near one I never seem to have the time to stop and look through them. I think the white loose cropped shirt would look great tucked into a pair of high waisted shorts, and I think would give a similar effect to the outfit Hayley had on. 

Chelsea boots are a recent discovery (and love) of mine. I had heard about them but for some reason I thought they were a different kind of boot so I never was really interested until I was browsing the H&M website and found these babies. My best friend has also recently invested in a pair of tan suede ankle boots and I think they look really nice, so I guess that is what sort of got me looking around for a pair that would suite me. 

Rings are a guilty pleasure of mine, and wherever I go (if I'm traveling) I always have to get some, both for me and my (previously mentioned) best friend. I don't really have the taste for giant "in your face rings", I prefer simple ones so I have a growing collection of various gold and silver rings with simplistic silhouettes. 

I'm a relatively small person so I don't really do big purses. The current one I am using is a fringe one from Brandy Melville which somehow goes with almost everything I wear, but I'm ready for a change and am looking for an upgrade to something with less... Fringe. Haha. 

I know fall is coming, and I shouldn't be wanting shorts, but I live in Hawaii and the seasons barely change so shorts are pretty much wearable all year round.

Do you have anything on your current wish list? 

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