Monday, February 24, 2014

Nails | Spring is coming!

Not sure of the names but I can check if you like! 

Zuza, Kelly

Mermaid Tears, Planks-a-Lot, Steady As She Rose

Mint Sorbet, Haze

Clouds, Orion

In celebration of Spring being on it's way I thought I would make a quick post of some nail colors I want to bust out and start wearing again. Call me cliche, but Spring usually means pastels for me. To balance everything out, I added two dark colors, one of them being a navy glitter color by Ciate and Zoya Kelly (my name hehehe). Despite being a dark grey, Kelly has a heavy purple base to it which I think makes it at least a bit appropriate for Spring. 

Probably the main color I want to experiment with is different variations of white. Mine comes from one of my most favorite brands ever called Bettina which originated in Puerto Rico and are sold in some Walmarts over in Florida I think... Not entirely sure. Long story about how I came to obtain them but I have a whole bunch and I love them so dang much. Clouds by far is the best white I have ever used. The formula is creamy and not super streaky and is basically a dream to work with. I really suggest investing in a good white color because the formula can really make or break it. Most whites I've purchased in the past are super chalky and disgusting and instead of looking like polish it just looks like I painted my nails with white out. 

A bit nervous because I use my Bettina polishes so much (Especially Clouds and Haze) that I don't know what I am going to do when they run out since I can't exactly get them again unless I order them or something. Hmmm... 

Do you have any favorite colors for Spring?


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  1. Lovely colors!!! The Ciate minis are very cute!!


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