Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Outfit | Southside

I have these days where I just want to leave town and apparently Sunday was one of those days. Instead of going across the world I had to settle for just going to the other side of the island. I basically played tourist that entire afternoon. The sun had finally come out to play and even though I hate getting tan (even though I am already super tan), I can't deny that the vitamin D felt amazing on my skin. Along with the sun came the wind, and the wind was insanely strong.

For lunch we stopped at this little grocery store called Living Foods Market and ordered an ahi wrap. The wind was so bad we actually switched tables and sat on the other side of the building. I also had to resort to putting up my hair because it was getting everywhere. 

My outfit was pretty casual. I actually ate lunch twice (brunch and then lunch a few hours later... Yea... I am kind of a fatty) and in the morning on the way to bakery and brunch with a friend it was kind of cold so I threw on this incredibly comfy knit sweater. The pairing with the top looks kind of funky on camera for some reason (I think because the tank looks more blue that it actually is...) but I received quite a few compliments stating that "looked nice today". Weird because I literally rolled out of bed, jammed out to punk rock music and then headed towards the direction of food. 

I used the cardigan all morning and then when it warmed up around noon I ended up not grabbing it again until evening rolled around. 

Tank: Billabong | Bandeau: Forever21 | Shorts: Hollister | Cardigan: O'Neil | Bag: HOBO 

I actually forgot about this "Mermaid at (heart)" tank up until last week. Out of nowhere it popped into my mind and I literally leaped out of my seat and ran to my closet because I hadn't seen it in a while. To my dismay, I couldn't find it and after panicking for a little I remembered that tops like this slip off my hangers all the time. Sure enough, I pushed everything aside and there it was... All crumpled up.

Thank you so much for stopping by and definitely let me know if you have gone on any out of town adventures recently... I definitely am curious to know!


  1. So delicious! like the design in your nails. I have international giveaway, visit my blog!


  2. Wow, that wrap looked really good. I shouldn't have looked at those photos on an empty tummy.

    Ryli :)


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